high velocityThere are many features and benefits...

This system allows the heating and cooling system to be used in unique installation situations. The system uses two inch supply tubing to move the heated or cooled air thru smaller areas than a conventional system.

The Hi-Velocity System is an energy efficient air delivery system that can be designed to provide heating, cooling, filtration, ventilation, humidification, and dehumidification. The Hi-Velocity System works on the principle of pressure rather than air velocity. It is quite different than a conventional furnace, the main difference being that the supply ductwork is all "small diameter" or "mini-duct". This makes it very easy to install inside existing walls with minimal remodeling. The flex duct fits inside a typical framed wall without having to disturb the drywall. Our fan coil is modular and fits easily in mechanical rooms, closets, attics, crawlspaces, anywhere! The small footprint makes it the right choice for both new construction and retrofits.

There are many features and benefits to the Unico System, but here are a few.

Fits Any Space / Quiet Performance / Little or No Remodeling / Draft Free, Even Temperatures

Removes 30% More Humidity / Matches Any Decor / Efficiency